Meet Our Team

Ann, Front Desk Coordinator

As Front Desk Coordinator, Ann’s job is to keep appointments running smoothly. Her family is what inspired her to carve out a career for herself on the business side of the dental field; her step-father is a dentist, and her mother held multiple degrees as a successful business woman. Ann achieved an associate’s degree in Business, is pursuing continuing education, and currently has 15 years of experience in the dental industry.

“I love working in Dr. Brewer’s practice because of the relaxed, friendly work environment,” she says. “The team of women I work with is great!” In her spare time Ann spends time with her husband and two children, and works on eating healthy and staying fit. “I want to travel, someday,” she says, “and I’ll need to be in shape!”

Emily, Office Manager

Office Manager Emily describes her path to working in a dental office in four short words: “I needed a job!” Six years later, she’s loving every minute. “I’m a people person,” she admits, adding “I love getting to know each patient, and Dr. Brewer is extremely laid back and easy to work with.” Emily works hard to make Dr. Brewer’s practice welcoming and friendly, saying that far too many people assume (wrongly!) that their visit will be painful.

Emily likes things to be simple and fun. She says her greatest achievement (after her 4 children, of course!) is setting up a business with her husband of 14 years. Her idea of a great weekend involves grilling out with family and friends, going to the park, or curling up with a great novel.

Tabitha, Dental Assistant

For Dental Assistant Tabitha, the best part of her job is helping patients with their health and seeing them regain self-confidence about their appearance. “I love my job!” Tabitha says, adding “Dr. Brewer is so kind and gentle with every patient – you can tell he cares for each one because he takes extra time to learn about them and their problems.”

Tabitha’s greatest hero is her mom, and she values honesty above all else in her close friends. She has been in the industry for 13 years and can’t imagine taking an extended vacation, for fear she’d get bored too easily; “I like working – there’s something new every day,” she comments. “My time off is usually spent hanging out with family and friends – keeping it simple!”

Christy, Registered Dental Hygienist

Christy is the practice’s Registered Dental Hygienist. She achieved her Bachelors of Science at Ohio Dominican College, and followed up by studying Dental Hygiene at Columbus State. “My job is helping people learn about taking care of their teeth, so their smile can last a lifetime,” she says, adding “I got interested in dentistry when I had braces as a child; there as a lot of sitting around in dental practices waiting my turn, and I got to watch the dentists and orthodontists working. I was hooked!”

Christy has been married for 14 years to husband Rick, and they parent four amazing kids. On her days off, they are her focus: “We watch the kids play sports, and just hang out together,” she says. “I want to travel someday, just go somewhere warm and relax with my husband and children!” Christy also supports several charities, including Peletonia, the Susan B. Komen Foundation, The American Cancer Society, and the Stephanie Spielman Organization.