Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital Xray

Dental x-rays have come a long way; going digital in recent years. Digital dental x-rays are not only convenient, but an important tool in our arsenal to help with your oral health. Kingsdale Dental Care is proud to offer digital dental x-rays as part of the services we offer. Take a look below to learn more about them and how crucial they are to your oral health!

What are Dental X-rays?

Dental x-rays are a great way for a dentist to take a look at a patient's mouth underneath the surface; all the way to the teeth's roots. Dental x-rays are often necessary to properly diagnosis any outstanding dental issues. While the teeth are often the focus of dental x-rays, there are also x-rays designed to take a look at the jaw and skull which can be just as important. Ideally, the dentist is monitoring the general health of your teeth, the bone surrounding the teeth, the roots of your teeth, and your jawbone. Dental x-rays are important in maintaining a patient's healthy mouth because it allows us to have a clearer, fuller picture of how your oral health is.

What's the Difference Between Digital X-rays and Traditional X-rays?

Many patients inquire what the difference between traditional x-rays and digital x-rays are. Typically, the main difference is the technology involved between them. It is much like the difference between traditional photography and digital photography if you need a direct comparison. There is a marked difference in the benefits to digital x-rays over traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays have the following benefits to them that traditional x-rays don't have:

Dr. Brewer will use digital X-rays to monitor the general health of your teeth, the bone surrounding the teeth, the roots of your teeth, and your jawbone.

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Kingsdale Dental Care is prepared to handle all of your dental needs—and that includes digital dental x-rays. These x-rays are an important tool in helping us diagnosis any dental issues that you might be experiencing. If you have any questions about x-rays, or would like to make an appointment with us, you can do so today! We will be happy to help you with all of your dental needs.