Family Dentistry in Columbus

Kingsdale Dental Care offers dentistry for the entire family. We understand that adults and children have different needs. By offering a comfortable, convenient and inviting office, we strive to provide the best experience for you and your kids.

A Dentist Who Can Serve the Whole Family

Family Dentsitry

Dr. Brewer and our team have the education and experience to work with both adults and kids. We utilize the latest technology, allowing us to provide the highest quality dental care to our patients. We will work with your schedule as well; no more missing school or work to receive proper dental care; we have appointments available before and after work and school as well as one Saturday each month.

We have created a friendly, welcoming environment, where we provide the general dental care you need to keep your smile happy and healthy.

What Can I Expect From Kingsdale Dental Care?

As a family dental practice, Dr. Brewer and our team cater to the needs of parents and their children. Typically each member of the family will visit the dentist every 6 months for a preventive dental cleaning including an exam, to prevent major problems from developing. With a focus on keeping your teeth and gums healthy, we will also work with you to help you avoid more invasive and expensive procedures by educating you on how to care for your teeth and gums at home. By adopting good dental hygiene habits early, you and your family should be able to prevent dental problems. We also believe in treating small issues immediately before they become a more invasive, and expensive, dental problem.

We strive to provide the best experience for you and your kids. We even have appointments available before and after work as well as one Saturday each month.

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If you haven’t had a check up in years, you may start feeling sensitivity in your teeth and gums. Don’t let these warning signs go ignored. Dr. Brewer and our team will welcome you and begin with an exam to diagnose any issues you may be suffering from. After that, you can expect clear communication and dedication in returning you to optimum oral health.

Request an appointment to schedule a checkup and preventive dental cleaning for you and your family today. At Kingsdale Dental Care our mission is to help your family achieve and maintain optimum dental health using the latest dental techniques in a caring and comfortable atmosphere.