Want a perfect looking smile? Try Lumineers in Columbus.

Do you want a straight, white, beautiful smile? Before you head to your Columbus dentist to ask about bleaching trays or orthodontic work, you should consider another alternative: Lumineers. Designed to cover and perfect the teeth, Lumineers are a simple, convenient alternative to achieve an attractive smile.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a special kind of dental veneer that is designed to be thinner than traditional laminates like veneers. Created to completely cover the front exterior of a tooth, lumineers are strong, stable, and beautiful—giving patients the opportunity to enjoy perfect looking teeth. Lumineers in Columbus are suitable for patients who have healthy teeth that have simple cosmetic problems. Lumineers can be used to repair:

How are Lumineers in Columbus different from Dental Veneers?

The biggest difference between Lumineers and traditional dental veneers is the preparation. Traditional dental veneers are thicker, requiring dentists to strip away some of the dental enamel to accommodate for the addition. However, since Lumineers are thinner, they don’t require this step, allowing dentists to preserve more of your natural tooth. Lumineers are designed with very strong porcelain, which means that they can stand up to the normal wear and tear placed on teeth.

Benefits of Lumineers

In addition to protecting your natural teeth and helping them to stay strong, Lumineers offer a wide range of benefits, including the fact that the treatment is customized for each and every patient. If you think that Lumineers are right for you, Dr. Brewer will talk with you about the procedure and carefully plan your restoration. Your Lumineers will be designed specifically for your smile, allowing patients to control their outcome.

Lumineers are strong, stable, and beautiful, giving patients the opportunity to enjoy perfect looking teeth.

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Another huge benefit of Lumineers is that they require less anesthetic than traditional dental veneer placement. Since dental enamel isn’t removed, the procedure doesn’t hurt, which is helpful for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Also, because the enamel isn’t stripped, they can be placed much faster than traditional veneers, and patients don’t need to wear temporary crowns before they are placed.

One of the best things about Lumineers is that it is a completely reversible treatment, which means that you can have them removed if you are unhappy after the procedure. For example, if you receive Lumineers and then ten years down the road you want to remove them and enjoy your own natural teeth, you can do that without having to have veneers placed again.

Lumineers: What to Expect

Many patients wonder what Columbus Lumineers installation will entail. Compared with normal dental veneer placement, Lumineers are very simple and convenient. Here are the three basic steps to having them placed.

Step 1: Treatment Planning

During your initial Lumineer consultation, your Columbus dentist will talk with you about your Cosmetic Dentistry options, including veneers and Lumineers, so that you can see the difference. Your teeth will also be checked for underlying problems and other issues that could jeopardize your oral health later.

Step 2: Fabrication

In order to create your Lumineers, Dr. Brewer will have to take a mold of your teeth. Before this occurs, the teeth will be carefully cleaned and polished so that the Lumineers fit perfectly. Color, shape, and patient preferences will be noted on the lab order, and your dental molds will be sent to a professional dental lab for fabrication.

Step 3: Placement

When your Lumineers are ready, you will be asked to come in to have them placed. A small rubber dental dam will be placed around each tooth that will be receiving a Lumineer to prevent the bonding agent from touching your other teeth. Next, a special acidic compound will be applied to the front of the tooth to improve adhesion. After that material is rinsed off and the tooth is dry, the Lumineer will be dry fitted and then cemented in place. A special handheld UV light will be used to cure the cement, then the tooth is cleaned and polished.

After your Lumineers are placed, you will be asked to come back in to have them checked for fit after the procedure. For more information on Lumineers in Columbus or to find out if you are a candidate for the procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brewer.