Preventive Dental Cleanings

Preventive Dental Cleanings

Preventive dental care is the best way to keep your oral health in good shape. Beyond brushing and flossing at home, you should be receiving regular dental checkups. As a part of these checkups with Kingsdale Dental Care, you will receive a preventive dental cleaning. Take a look below to know why these cleanings are important, want the benefits to them are, and how often you should receive one.

What is a Preventive Dental Cleaning?

A preventive dental cleaning is a service that Kingsdale Dental Care offers as part of our checkup services. A preventive dental cleaning is a simple procedure that involves a professional teeth brushing, flossing, dental assessment, and application of fluoride. At a minimum, you should receive at least one preventive dental cleaning a year. It is recommended however that you receive two preventive dental cleanings at our offices annually.

What are the Benefits to Preventive Dental Cleanings?

Preventive dental cleanings have numerous benefits to your health. While at-home dental care is an important part to keeping up your oral health, a preventive dental cleaning can provide a good benchmark for the assessment of your oral health and starting you off fight going forward in terms of how clean your teeth and gums are. Preventive dental cleanings are ideal for helping you stop cavities, gum recession, and tooth loss from occurring. To summarize, a preventive dental cleaning provides the following benefits:

Preventive dental cleanings are highly important to your overall oral health and are ideal for helping you stop cavities, gum recession, and tooth loss from occurring.

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How is a Preventive Dental Cleaning Performed?

First and foremost, a preventive dental cleaning requires an assessment of your teeth to see their current condition. This might result in certain procedures or steps being recommended. Then, we can test the patient’s sensitivity; offering anesthetics to help depending on the level of severity. At that point, our dental professional can begin the preventive dental cleaning; utilizing dental tools that can remove tartar and plaque, that can brush your teeth, floss between your teeth, and apply a protective fluoride coating to your teeth. Once the preventive dental cleaning is complete, your dentist at Kingsdale Dental Care will meet with you to discuss any concerns we might have or any questions you might have.

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Preventive dental cleanings are highly important to your overall health; they’re a good indicator of how your oral health is doing and can set you up at home for success in preventive dental care. If you would like to schedule an appointment to receive a preventive dental cleaning, you may do so online or by phone! Contact us immediately if you have any dental concerns or questions; we are here to assist you with any and all dental needs that you may have!